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Pediatric Dentist | Your Child’s Oral Care Expert

Pediatric dentistry specializes in providing preventive and therapeutic oral care needs of children. The scope of pediatric dentistry covers the oral health of infants to teenagers, even those with special needs (mentally challenged or disabled). Pediatric dentistry is also a good option for the oral health of adults with health concerns. Common conditions include HIV infection, Down syndrome, hearing/vision impairments, seizure disorders, and other developmental conditions. 

pediatric dentistry

Pediatric Dental Care | McAllen, TX

The assistance that your pediatric dentists include; preventive oral care such as brushing, diet prescriptions, use of sealants to protect your child from cavities, regular oral health examinations, cleaning, and fluoride treatments. Pediatric dentistry may also offer services such as:

How Often Should You Visit Your Pediatric Dentist? 

Your first dental appointment must roughly be between five to six months after your child’s early tooth development. Some pediatric dentists may schedule appointments for your children every three months to build rapport with them and then treat developing oral problems.

What to Expect During the First Pediatric Visit?

The pediatric dentist will first examine your child’s oral health. The first visit will also include a discussion about risk assessment, counseling for thumb sucking and pacifier habits, oral care, information on oral development, and prevention of dental problems. 

Diet and Oral Health Practices 

Like most children, yours may also be fond of candies, pastries, and chips. However, these kinds of food affect your child’s teeth and can cause oral problems such as cavities and tooth decay. Also, the fact that cleaning babies’ and children’s teeth can be more difficult. It is essential that there is no remaining debris when cleaning your child’s teeth,  as it may result in the spread of bacteria that leads to tooth decay. Good oral health is fundamental to your child’s health and development. 

Baby-to-Child Oral Health Practices

Some babies are born with neonatal teeth – the teeth that develop as early as the first month. Babies with neonatal teeth will require you a visit to your pediatric dentist for their removal. Normally, a baby tooth develops by five to six months of age.

Your children will start teething from six to 24 months. Your children will experience irritability, and as a parent, you can help them ease the discomfort and help the teething progress by massaging their gums, providing a chilled teething ring, or you may ask your pediatric dentist for ointment recommendations. 

Typically, most of your child’s teeth will fully erupt by the age of three. Spaces for the permanent teeth will take shape as the bone structure, and facial bones begin to develop. It is typical for your child ages 6 to 12 to have baby teeth and permanent teeth in their mouth. 

Pediatric Dentistry and General Dentistry: What’s The Difference? 

General dentists are open to serving every member of the family. However, pediatric dentists offer exclusive care and perform the procedure that works best for children and those with special needs. Pediatric dentistry possesses education and training that is child-centered, focuses mainly on the development of younger teeth and gums. 

What Are The Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry?

We all have our own painful dental experiences growing up. These experiences produce enough fear that even some adults prevent themselves from visiting their dentists ever again. Building a rapport with a dentist at an early age is vital for your children’s outlook on dentistry. 

Our Staff Are Trained to Deal with Children and Those With Special Needs

How many times have you had a dental appointment where you felt unwelcomed by impolite receptionists, staff, and even by the dentist themselves? As adults, we can set the ill-manners aside and just proceed to the appointment. 

Children, on the other hand, require special attention. An impolite environment and unfamiliar place may discourage them from going to the dental office. Our staff at Iman Dental Center have the skills and experience to help kids ease their fear and anxieties. If your child has special needs such as ADHD or Autism and they rage or become hysterical during the appointment, our staff have the proper techniques to help calm them down. 

Pediatric Dentists Are Patient and Reassuring

Your children will have cavities at some point in their lives, and when this happens, you will want a caring dentist that will perform the treatment. There are instances that children rage in between procedures that will cause the dentist to pause the treatment. As a parent, you want the dentist to be as patient as possible. 

A pediatric dentist will handle these situations calmly. Your child’s first memories will influence their overall dental views. Choosing a pediatric dentist will assure your child that he/she will have a friendly experience during the appointment.

Pediatric Clinics Offer A Friendly Environment

Most dental clinics can intimidate your children, causing them more anxieties and distress. In a pediatric office, the services cater specifically to children, which means the office will have colorful walls and decorations. Having a friendly environment will help children calm and feel comfortable throughout the process.

Why Choose Iman Dental Center for Pediatric Needs? 

At Iman Dental Center, we prevent oral problems that may develop on your child’s oral health. We provide the necessary preventive information and practices in a way that your child would love to join the process. Giving a friendly impression to children’s early dental visits will provide them with a long-lasting and positive outlook on dentistry. We ensure that your child will have a comfortable environment as we perform the necessary dental procedure. Contact us today to learn more about our friendly pediatric options.