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A cavity is something that no one wants to hear about during a routine dental cleaning, but cavities are a relatively common occurrence that can and should be treated as soon as possible. Our dental fillings in Mission, TX are designed to prevent further decay due to cavities; we offer white fillings and other fillings depending on the needs and wishes of our patients. 

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What Are Fillings?

Tooth fillings are a dental restoration procedure which involves filling decay in your teeth with a special material that will help prevent tooth decay from spreading. Fillings are typically spotted during dental cleanings, but they can also be spotted if you need to come in for emergency dental care after experiencing pain or even trauma to the teeth.

There are several different types of fillings, ranging from silver fillings to composite fillings—also known as white fillings. These are the two most common types of fillings today; though in the past filling materials could contain a variety of different compositions.

Why People Need Fillings

There are many reasons why people may need to get a tooth filling. The most common reason is tooth decay which has resulted in a cavity–this is the #1 reason for tooth fillings in the world.

Signs of tooth decay include:

  • Dark spots on your teeth, especially on the top
  • A hole in your teeth that you can see or feel
  • Frequent occurrences of food being stick in specific teeth
  • Frequent floss tearing in specific teeth
  • Sticky or gummy texture on certain teeth

If your dentist suspects a cavity or tooth decay, they may do an x-ray in order to determine the extent of the decay. From this x-ray they will be able to see whether or not a filling, root canal or other dental procedure is the best plan of action for preserving your teeth.

However, you may also need a filling if you have a broken/fractured tooth, as this can actually be repaired using composite filling material in order to reduce damage and decay that may occur in a fractured tooth. Another reason for fillings includes general wear and tear to the teeth which can occur over time or due to teeth grinding and similar conditions.

Tooth Filling Procedure

A tooth filling procedure is very simple. The dentist will first numb your teeth and the surrounding area, including your gums. Then they will drill out the decay inside your tooth and replace it with the filling material. And that’s it! The process is very simple, quick, and usually takes only a few minutes of time.

The cost of a dental filling in Mission, Tx will vary depending on a few factors, such as what insurance you have, how many teeth you need filled, whether or not you need additional procedures aside from the filling and finally what filling material you choose. Some insurance may only cover certain types of filling materials.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding your tooth filling appointment, including concerns about the cost, do not hesitate to contact us with any of your comments or inquiries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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